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Cyclone Indoor Cycling

Choose from over 250 Cyclone Indoor Cycling sessions each week.  These are virtual sessions lasting 40 or 60 minutes which bring cycling to the big screen with world class virtual instructors and motivational rides featuring stunning scenery from across the world.

We have 4 types of instructor led classes, they are as follows:


ICG Connect is a digital platform created to deliver data-visualisation and gaming to unite riders by tracking group performance, providing team competition and rewarding group leaders whilst celebrating individual achievement. In every class, participants ride for, with and against each other to meet the group target, win team battles and achieve personal bests. 

Using Myride+ forward motion video technology, ride to some of the world’s most fantastic destinations and be immersed in what is in front of your eyes. Alongside excellent live coaching and brilliant music, visit some of the globes top attractions including iconic climbs in the Italian alps to amazing sunsets on the Californian coast.

Coach By Colour
Coach By Colour has five coloured training zones which are white, blue, green, yellow and red. Once an individual‘s FTP is known, users are assigned the 5 coloured zones to accurately coach their effort for the best customized results. You will experience how Coach By Colour connects you to your workout, your instructor and your friends to maximize the training experience and reach your goals faster.

Utilising Classic Indoor Cycling riding positions take it back to basics and ride along to motivating music and excellent coaching. Feel the rhythm through your pedals as you climb, descend and work as a team to achieve the group target.

For the Cyclone sessions we are using the new Matrix IC7 bikes featuring the unique 'Coach by Colour' training zones.  All abilities can cycle at the same class as the bikes can be individually programmed using a FTW setting.  Cyclone offers the most realistic ride for both the fitness and cycling communities. 

You can choose to participate on a 'pay as you go' casual basis, purchase a Cyclone pass or add to your existing membership package.​

All Cyclone sessions can be attended by 14+ year olds without supervision.​​​​​​​​  11 to 13 years can attend with a participating adult.  Teen Cyclone sessions are exclusively for 11 to 16 years.


There are over 250 Cyclone sessions to choose available in the early morning, daytime and evenings. 




Cyclone Session £3.50
​Teen Cyclone Session (11 to 16 years) ​£2.00 £3.50​
Monthly Pass (with Solo or Aqua membership) £7.50 per month (direct debit)
Annual Pass (with Solo or Aqua membership) ​£75.00 per year
Monthly Pass (with no membership package) £15.00 per month (direct debit)
​Annual Pass (with no membership package) £150.00 per year
​Cyclone Pass (block of 10 Cyclone sessions) £​30.00 for 10 sessions
Teen Cyclone Pass (block of 10 Teen Cyclone sessions) ​£20.00 for 10 sessions
Please note that Cyclone classes are now included with the Platinum membership.  Unlimited use of the Cyclone sessions can be added with a monthly or annual Cyclone membership.






With a One Card, you can book Cyclone sessions up to 7 days in advance by phone, in person or online.  For more information please visit the Become a Member section.​




Payment must be made in full at the time of booking. We accept payment by cash, debit or credit card. There is no surcharge for payments by debit or credit card. Cheque payments are not accepted.


If you cannot attend your booking you must give a minimum of three hours notice. You will then be entitled to a full refund (refunds for online bookings can only be made by phone or in person). If you make a booking and do not attend, you will be charged the full activity fee (this includes Cyclone members).



  • You may bring a clean towel and water bottle to the class. Please do not bring personal belongings or mobile phones. 

  • You must notify a member of staff if you suffer from any condition that may affect your ability to exercise. 

  • Appropriate footwear and clothing must be worn.