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1. Usage: PLATINUM Membership
The Platinum membership package includes use of the following facilities at ALL One Leisure centres across Huntingdonshire:

  • Use of the Impressions gyms
  • Use of fitness classes (excludes courses or special events)
  • Use of the swimming pools for public sessions for you and dependent children (under 16 years of age and excludes lessons)
  • Use of indoor cycling studios
  • Off-peak racket sports (restricted to one court booking per day).  Off-peak racket sports can be booked for dependent children, however parents must remain on the premises at all times.

2. Usage: SOLO Membership
The Solo membership package includes use of the Impressions gym at a SINGLE One Leisure centre of your choice. 

3. Usage: STUDENT SOLO Membership
The Student Solo membership package includes use of the Impressions gym at a SINGLE One Leisure centre of your choice.

4. Usage - AQUA Membership
The Aqua membership package includes use of the swimming pools for public sessions at ALL One Leisure centres across Huntingdonshire (excludes lessons and classes)

5. Gym Access

  • Use of the gym is only permitted once customers have either completed our OnePlan initial induction process or signed our health commitment statement
  • OnePlan is a 12 week training plan to ensure you get the most from your membership at One Leisure
  • Direct debit memberships do not include our OnePlan, which is available to purchase separately
  • The OnePlan fee includes access fob otherwise there is a fee for a new / replacement fob if damaged or lost
  • Returning members wanting to use the gym who have had an absence of two years or more will need to either complete our OnePlan initial induction process or sign our health commitment statement.

6. Restrictions

  • It is compulsory to have a photo ID entered onto the One Leisure booking system otherwise entry will not be permitted.
  • You must carry your One Card membership card or access fob with you at all times. If you do not have your card you will be refused entry or asked to leave.
  • Maximum capacity restrictions apply for all activities and facilities so membership cannot guarantee entry.
  • One Leisure reserves the right to withdraw membership with no refund under the following circumstances:
    • Sharing of membership cards (legal action will be taken against anyone sharing membership cards)
    • Infringement of the terms and conditions listed above
    • Infringement of the One Leisure Regulations
    • Behaviour or conduct likely to cause offence or distress to others
    • Behaviour or conduct likely to be hazardous to self or others

7. Bookings

  • Bookings must be made by the One Card holder, in the name of the One Card holder and to only be used by the One Card holder. Legal action will be taken against anyone sharing membership cards.
  • Bookings for any activity that is chargeable must be paid at the time of booking.
  • Memberships may not be used in conjunction with any private or club booking.
  • One Leisure booking procedures apply.


8. Cancellations 

Fitness Classes  - The cancellation notice period for our group exercise classes is 60 minutes prior to the start time, notifying us any time shorter than this could incur a cost. 
Non-attendance can be missing the class or not signing in so please ensure you book in at reception or swipe in at the gates. It operates in a 3-strike system, the 3rd occasion within a calendar month will result in online booking being removed for 7 days. There is still the ability to book classes but it would need to be done onsite or over the phone. After the 7 days expires, the ability to book online will be reinstated.
If you use a subscription such as a fitness class pass or pay for your sessions, these will not be refunded if they are not cancelled before the aforementioned time period. All members will follow the 3-strike system.

Court Hire - Any necessary court cancellations must be made with more than 24 hours' notice prior to the court booking time. Cancellations made within 24 hours are not eligible for any refunds.


9. Charges
If you book an activity and do not turn up or cancel late, this will be charged at the casual rate and you cannot use your membership until the outstanding arrears are cleared. This includes activities if included as part of your membership (e.g. fitness classes).
Membership payments must be up to date to make use of the membership otherwise all activities will be charged at the casual rate.

10. Annual Membership Subscriptions
An annual membership is a subscription that requires an upfront payment which covers a period of 12 consecutive months.

  • Annual memberships are non-refundable (see below) and are a commitment of membership for the 12-month period.
  • The following reasons for cancellation of an annual can be accepted and qualify for a refund:
    • Relocation with proof of relocation
    • Health reasons with evidence from the GP
  • If a refund is required, an administration fee will be added.

11. Business Membership Subscriptions
You will need to provide payslips for the last three months or an ID card from your place of employment as proof you are entitled to the business discount, and updated proof every 12 months from the original date of joining. We reserve the right to transfer the membership to the standard price in the absence of such proof.

12. Student Membership Subscriptions

If you are aged 18+ you must provide a letter from your place of education as proof that you are in full time education and for any subsequent academic year (1st September to 31st August) you must provide updated proof at the beginning of each academic year. We reserve the right to transfer the membership to the standard rate in the absence of such proof.

13. Changing membership packages

By joining One Leisure you can choose the monthly plan to suit your usage and can change your package at any time should you wish. One calendar month notice is required to process membership change and will be effective from the following month. Applies to direct debit customers only.

14. Freezing membership packages
Members can freeze their membership for health reasons only with evidence from the GP or at the discretion of centre management.

15. Termination of Direct Debit membership

  • We require one calendar month notice in writing for termination of membership.
  • A cancellation reason will be requested to monitor our performance.

16. Miscellaneous

  • It is at the discretion of One Leisure to close or alter the opening times of the centre.
  • Bank holiday closures are at the discretion of One Leisure, please note refunds will not be provided for bank holiday closures.
  • One Leisure reserves the right to alter activities, facility provision and programmes without notice.
  • The monthly direct debit and annual membership are eligible for price reviews and members will be notified of these in advance.
  • It is the responsibility of members to ensure their contact details (name, address, telephone and email) are kept up to date.
  • Please do not take photographs/videos on the premises or post remarks to the internet that may identify another member or infringe on their privacy. Please report any concerns to a member of staff.
  • If you are not wearing appropriate clothing or footwear for the activity we reserve the right to remove you from the activity.


Last updated: 26th January 2023