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Can Visualization Help You Achieve Your Goals?


An important part of setting a goal and achieving it successfully is being able to “see” it happening and believe that it is possible.

One of the techniques that can help us with this is visualizing the end result. Being able to create an image in our minds of a future event can help us believe that it is indeed achievable and in this way motivate us to work towards the goals we set.

Visualization is a proven and effective tool used in many aspects of life including by elite athletes to enhance performance. It goes beyond merely thinking about something positive happening and dreaming or hoping that it will become a reality.

According to Frank Niles PhD, studies have shown how neurons in our brain interpret visualized images in the same way they would interpret a real-life action or event. When we visualize something, our brain is able to tell our neurons to perform this event, thereby creating memories or new patterns of behaviour that will prepare us to act in a way that is consistent with what we imagined.

Using the technique of visualization can enhance confidence, concentration, and performance whilst at the same time reducing fear and anxiety. It can be beneficial in all areas of life and can be used to help achieve any goal that is set.


One way of using visualization is to repeatedly imagine and see yourself achieving the desired end result. Try to do this in as much detail as possible. Imagine you are actually there experiencing the outcome. What do you see, smell, feel, and hear? Drawing a picture or writing these details down may be helpful.


Another form of visualization involves creating an image in your mind of the process of reaching your goals. Picture the obstacles you may encounter along the way, imagine how you would deal with them, see yourself overcoming them, and imagine every step of your journey towards success in as much detail as possible.


Along with hard work and consistent effort, using visualization can be an invaluable and important part of helping you work towards successfully achieving your goals.


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